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With our small but highly competent team in Germany we can meet all your requirements to the best of our ability. Our main goal is always: satisfied customers!

For us, good service includes:

Competent and comprehensive advice on our products and services


Fast processing of your inquiries and orders

Short decision paths

Smooth processing of your orders

On time delivery

Flawless transport with all customs formalities

Short term execution of commissioning or repair and maintenance work

A lot of commitment and passion

Sales and project management

Nireco International GmbH distributes components and systems of the Nireco Group. We would be pleased to provide you with comprehensive advice on our extensive product range and its areas of application.

To increase the efficiency of older systems we will be pleased to work out possible modernisation measures for you.

During the complete project handling and also beyond the commissioning we are your contact for all questions concerning your system.


Commissioning and installation

On request, we can also offer you the installation of the supplied components in addition to the commissioning of the system. The installation of a complete system is subcontracted by us, the on-site installation management is carried out by our personnel.

All activities carried out during commissioning are coordinated with the customer and documented in detail. Changes are incorporated into the final documentation, all relevant contractually agreed data are verified.


Maintenance and repair

On request, we can carry out regular preventive maintenance work on our already installed systems. Within the scope of this work, the function and performance of the system are checked.

In case of repair of self-produced components, we carry out the work with our own personnel in our workshop or at your site at short notice. Every failure of a component is analysed by us. If necessary, corrective measures are defined for our products and implemented at short notice. Together with the components you will receive a repair report stating the probable reason for failure and a detailed description of all work carried out


Spare parts

Nireco International GmbH handles all spare parts business for all products of the Nireco Group.

We or our long-standing suppliers usually keep the most important spare parts in one of our warehouses worldwide in case of an emergency.

Due to the possibility of seamless tracking of all delivered articles to our customers, we can inform you at any time if our manufacturers discontinue components in the medium term. In this case we will inform you whether the components can be easily replaced by another part type or whether they should be procured again for the last time.

If you do not have an article number from us to hand: a photo or a few details from our name plate with the place of installation are usually sufficient for identification.

We will be happy to help you with spare parts enquiries by telephone or in writing. In addition to our personal e-mail addresses, you can also use the collective address

Problems or difficulties?

Should there nevertheless be any problems with our deliveries, you are right to expect from us additionally

  • a comprehensive problem analysis
  • a target-oriented processing of repair, goodwill and warranty procedures
  • a short-term procurement of spare parts

We are here for you. Please contact us or send us your inquiry!

Jörg Busch

Jörg Busch

Managing Director

Keeps his head down for everything, overlooks everything and pulls the strings.
30 years of professional experience
Tel.: +49 (0)201 85 89 46-10

Sylke Döhling

Sylke Döhling

Administration, Import / Export

Helps you with customs, packaging and shipping issues, purchasing and delivery of goods, invoicing, warehouse management.
25 years of professional experience
Tel.: +49 (0)201 85 89 46-90

Guido Stallknecht

Guido Stallknecht

Head of sales and projects

Your technical contact for all questions concerning your projects, purchase of goods, engineering and manufacturing of own products.
25 years of professional experience
Tel.: +49 (0)201 85 89 46-11