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Our marathon runners – the actuators!

The best sensors and most sophisticated control strategies only help if they can also be implemented precisely and with pinpoint accuracy in the following.

Therefore, the design, construction and selection of our actuators for your application is based on the strictest criteria:

  • Maximum load and long-term load in continuous operation
  • Dynamics of the process
  • Speed
  • Lifetime
  • Space requirement
  • Compatibility and availability

In addition, we often develop and manufacture the actuators ourselves in order to be able to reliably meet these specifications.

The Nireco Group has been manufacturing hydraulic components for 90 years – which does not mean that we have not developed further since then!

We use the following hydraulic systems and components:

  • Powerpack of the AJ series
  • Positioning device of the EH series
  • Servo valves of the PJ series (PJ = Pilotjet)
  • Servo valves of the PG series (PG = Power Guide)
  • Hydraulic cylinders

Use and design

Regardless of whether hydraulic or electromechanical actuators are used, in almost all cases they are integrated into closed control loops. This means that the operating states are both constantly monitored and deviations from the required state are immediately corrected.

Controlled variables are on the one hand mechanical variables such as displacement or angle of rotation, speed or rotational speed, force or torque, but on the other hand also hydraulic variables such as volume flow or pressure. Corresponding measuring devices are required to record the actual values in order to be able to control the above-mentioned variables. This is done, for example, via position, force and pressure sensors.

The design of the actuators is determined according to the application. This includes:

  • Dimensioning of hydraulic cylinders (stroke, operating pressure, force, piston and rod diameter) or electromechanical cylinders (stroke, force, piston and rod diameter, design of the servomotor)
  • Determination of the nominal volume flow of servo valves
  • Determination of the type of mounting of hydraulic cylinders or electromechanical cylinders
  • Integration of safety-relevant devices (emergency stop, brakes, shut-off devices)
  • Selection and preparation of pressure fluids

Our actuators at a glance

Hydraulic actuators

Learn more about our AJ series or rather about our EH series.

Hydraulic servo valves

Learn more about our PJ series as well as about our PG series.

Electromechanical cylinders and servo motors

As an alternative to our hydraulic actuators, electromechanical cylinders with servo motors in various designs are also used.