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Our hydraulic power units and actuators are used in the metal industry but also beyond, e.g. in the cement industry. The systems can also be used in potentially explosive areas. Only a few modifications are necessary for this.

Powerpack AJ-Series

The device series “Powerpack AJ-xx” converts the position target of a hydraulic working piston accordingly into a rotary movement (max. 60 degrees). It is used, for example, to adjust buterfly valves.

The Powerpack contains:

  • a storage tank for the hydraulic oil
  • pressure monitoring units
  • a hydraulic cylinder
  • a hydraulic pump

The stand-alone system therefore does not require any external piping to the customer’s side. In addition, the safety functions integrated in the device allow safe operation. Depending on the required torque and rotation speed, we will also find the right device for you! 


Just as with the AJ series, the positioning device of the EH series also converts an electrical signal into a rotary motion.

With the EH series, rotary movements from 0 to a maximum of 90 degrees can be converted.

Since the positioning devices of the EH series are supplied without a supply tank, the devices must be connected to an existing hydraulic piping system on site.

Hydraulic actuators in strip guiding systems

Both hydraulic servo valves and hydraulic cylinders are used as hydraulic actuators in our strip guiding systems.

These hydraulic devices can either be integrated in the customer’s own hydraulic circuits or connected to our own hydraulic manifolds.

Servo-hydraulic axes, i.e. systems in which hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic tank, hydraulic pump, filter systems and the feedback of the cylinder position with all safety-relevant functions are integrated in one device, are available as an operator- and maintenance-friendly, energy- and space-saving alternative.

Electromechanical cylinders as an alternative to our hydraulic actuators

As an alternative to our hydraulic actuators, we also use electromechanical cylinders with servo motors in various designs – adapted to the application and the available space.

Our electromechanical cylinders are designed for a maximum load which is about 2-3 times higher than the maximum nominal load in regular operation. This distinguishes us from other suppliers!

For electromechanical cylinders, we use solutions from renowned supplier who sell his products worldwide. You will certainly find them in your rolling mills

The advantages of our solution with electromechanical cylinders and servo motors:

  • Can be used where hydraulic oils cannot be used (e.g. due to fire hazard, clean operation, energy consumption, environmental concerns)
  • Nominal loads from 15kN to 65kN can be realized without problems
  • Flexible mechanical solutions (strokes adapted to the task, mounting options, IP class, protective boots, use of brakes)
  • Position detection integrated in servo motor (multiturn encoder)
  • Simple integration of safety-relevant signals
  • Servo drives with corresponding servo amplifiers are flexible and easy to program/set-up
  • Modern servo amplifiers offer interfaces to numerous bus systems
  • Are able to perform tasks autonomously without higher-level control systems
  • Servo motors are predestined for use in high-precision, highly dynamic and safety-critical applications
  • Servo drives are thermally very hard-wearing, the standstill torque is constantly available in the servo motor