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For all servo valves developed by Nireco itself, hydraulic oils based on mineral oils, water-glycol mixtures or water-free synthetic fluids based on phosphate esters or fatty acid esters can be used as hydraulic fluids.


Our hydraulic manifolds of the PJ series are used, for example, in the strip edge guiding systems in the metals industry.

In addition to the Jet Pipe Servo Valves, the units also include a signal amplifier, a pressure reducing valve including pressure indicator and an electric shut-off valve for safe shut-off. With only three different assemblies, we cover applications for volume flows from 15 l/min up to 200 l/min.

The Jet Pipes developed in-house play out their advantages to the full:

  • low maintenance,
  • long service life,
  • with consistent accuracy.


In the case of strip edge or strip center control, the servo valves of the PG series perform well in conjunction with our hydraulic cylinders. Three different servo valves with different nominal volume flows are available for this purpose. The servo valves are characterized by their fast response behaviour with optimum amplification and low hysteresis.

The robust servo valves are small and guarantee error-free operation even if the hydraulic oil is not as clean as desired.

Technical data of the PG series

Model PG300 PG500 PG800
Nominal flow rate 25 l/min 50 l/min 80 l/min
Nominal pressure 2 bis 14 MPa
Hysteresis < 1 %

Good to know

It is possible that you would like to use existing hydraulic valves for your new strip guiding system or that you have your own ideas about the valves to be used from other well-known manufacturers. Please contact us and we will of course check whether your wishes can be taken over.

We are also happy to design the hydraulic components (valves and cylinders) for your application or at least check existing solutions. You will then provide us with the necessary information in a questionnaire, which we will send you shortly.

We offer an alternative to hydraulic actuators in the form of electromechanical cylinders with servo motors. Here, too, we will be happy to advise you whether their use is possible.

Control device NIGcon

Our most modern control device with highest flexibility, remote maintainable, compact and scalable

Electromechanical cylinders and servo motors

As an alternative to our hydraulic actuators, electromechanical cylinders with servo motors in various designs are also used.