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Our systems ensure your safety:

Inspection systems for flat surfaces – Mujiken.


Imagine driving at high speed in your electric car. You must be able to rely completely on all electronic components doing their job reliably. With our Mujiken systems we ensure exactly this.

Mujiken refers to our range of surface inspection systems for flat products, both in sheet and strip/web form. They are especially designed for extremely high production speeds and detect the smallest surface defects and faults. These systems are indispensable in the production of materials for electronic components and batteries. But we also have references for many other applications:

  • Foils, PET and PT coatings,
  • Paper coating, paper processing,
  • Metal foils and their coatings,
  • Sputter coating, steam plating of copper foils, rolled copper foils, electrolytic copper foils,
  • Anti-reflective coatings, polarization coatings,
  • Non-woven fabric,
  • Glass plates and glass panes.


The following defects are mainly detected and classified:

  • Foreign materials
  • Holes
  • Streaks
  • Incomplete coatings

The system structure

Monochrome line scan cameras and color line scan cameras with different resolutions are available, which are selected according to the requirements and application. The same applies to light systems, which are used either as backlight or as incident light. For certain applications we work with

  • extremely bright LED illumination,
  • near infrared light (NIR) or
  • near ultraviolet light (NIV).

Unlike conventional surface inspection systems, Mujiken’s image processing and evaluation is carried out on our own image processing boards using ultra-fast algorithms, which guarantees the detection and classification of the smallest defects. The defects to be detected in the application are already taught into the system before delivery on the basis of defect samples. During the commissioning phase, only the classification is optimized. This guarantees that the defects can be detected and evaluated even before you buy the system.

In addition to the usual display of surface faults and defects in a defect map and their storage, we have additional various marking systems in our range such as

  • Pen markers,
  • Label markers,
  • Ink jet markers and
  • Felt markers.

We offer 4 variations of the Mujiken+ systems


Our online measuring crowd pleaser – fully equipped, high performance inspection system.

Number of cameras max. 128
Number of monitors max. 8

Monochrome line scan cameras
Color line scan cameras

Camera resolution
up to 8.192 pixels at 640 MHz, 10 bit
up to 8.192 pixels at 320 MHz, 12 bit


Mujiken+ type S

Our eco-version with limited function and limited number of cameras.

Number of cameras max. 8
Number of monitors max. 2


Mujiken+ type LT 

Our eco-version with limited function, limited number of cameras and extremely bright white light LED illumination. The evaluation unit is smaller than the standard systems and can therefore be easily integrated into existing system cabinets. The system is particularly suitable for foils, paper, non-woven fabric, synthetic resin sheets, etc.


Number of cameras max. 8
Number of monitors max. 2

Mujiken+ type EV01

This is our offline system for plate/sheet/piece inspection such as optical films, glass substrates, copper foils CCL.

Sample size from DIN A4
Illumination unit according to the application, either incident light or backlight
Evaluation The evaluation is carried out per inspected sample


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