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Highly sensitive sensors and actuators, linked with advanced fully digital control, let your production lines run as if on invisible rails.

The function of the rail is taken over in your production lines by the strip guiding system, which is composed of:

  • A sensor system that detects the current position of your product (edge position or center position)
  • A control system that determines a manipulated variable from the setpoint deviation (control deviation), which is passed on to the actuators. Depending on the behavior of the final control elements and the controlled system and any disturbance variables that occur, the controller must be designed (e.g. with dead time compensation) so that the control loop operates stably.
  • Final control elements/actuators that can influence the manipulated variable.

Solutions for the appropriate sensor technology, the corresponding control and actuators adapted to the task can be obtained from us!

Our sensors:

We offer a wide range of sensors to detect the strip edge or strip center position – adapted to the respective task.

NIGrad – Radar system for use in continuous furnaces

NIGDUO – Stereoscopic camera system with backlight or incident light

NIGLas – Camera System with laser

AWL – System with photodiode sensor technology and LED technology

AWC – Capacitive sensors

NS-CPC – inductive sensors, especially for pickling lines

Our electronics:

The time of analog controllers is over. Nireco’s digital controllers convince through flexibility, easy parameterization, functionality, precision and reliability. The controllers of the latest generation adapt to your needs and not the other way around. The complete software programming takes place at Nireco. Partly the hardware of the controllers is also developed by Nireco.

Control device NIGcon

Our most modern control device with highest flexibility, remote maintainable, compact and scalable

Other products in the area of electronics

MGC1000Modular controller with limited interface types
SGA3000 – Standardized control device, customized for specific sensors

Our hydraulic actuators

Powerpack AJ-Series, EH-Series – Compact system

PJ-Series – Servo valves

PG-Series – Servo valves

Other products in the field of actuators

Alternatively to our hydraulic cylinders, electromechanical cylinders with servo motors in various designs are used – adapted to the application and the space required. Our electromechanical cylinders are designed for a maximum load which is about a factor of 2 to 3 higher than the maximum nominal load in normal operation.

We are proud of the long lifetime of our self-developed hydraulic actuators.

Convincing complete solution:

Nireco offers you a complete package as a strip guiding system, which will convince you in all aspects. Please contact us, we will be pleased to advise you on the design of your strip guiding systems for

  • Pay-off reels / Uncoilers
  • Tension reels / Coilers
  • 3-roller steering stands
  • Steering frames
  • Steering rolls
  • Continuous furnaces