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Nireco International GmbH develops and manufactures optical measuring systems and control systems that enable production lines to exploit their full potential. In this way, they also make an important contribution to quality assurance and plant optimisation.

Optical measurement techniques provide both reliability and safety in manufacturing processes. They also optimise processes, provide data for improving the quality of products and further help to reduce manufacturing costs.

The optical camera systems and laser systems offer the decisive advantage that they work contact-free. At the same time, they can be easily adapted/parameterised to the measuring task and, with suitable hardware, can also realise large measuring distances to the material to be measured. Apart from that, our measuring system solutions do not require any moving parts. In contrast, many of our other competitors have to use movable systems to keep up with our measuring accuracy – a use that comes at your expense.

Our customised systems in the metal industry and web processing industry

  • detect the position of the strip,
  • determine the geometry and dimensions of your product,
  • determine the width and contour of the material to be measured,
  • also control the position of actuators by means of our self-developed hydraulic servo valves or electromechanical acting cylinders with servo motors,
  • or use industrial image processing methods to determine and classify different surface defects.

Our optical camera systems at a glance

High-quality, in-house developed cameras ensure high reliability on one hand, guarantee long availability on the other and also ensure compatibility for further developments. Depending on the application, we use area or line scan cameras.

When developing measuring systems, we pay attention to achieving the required properties as well as the highest durability. A reliable measuring system is a guarantee for the quality of your products.


Compact, high-resolution, fast, economical – these are just some of the attributes of our new NIGeye-3800 camera.


The use of the stereoscopic measuring principle has been state of the art for a very long time. We also rely on this technology for our NIGduo width and position measuring system. High accuracies are achieved with this method. Learn more about the 4-3-2-1-0 method.


The NIGlas measuring system, which operates according to the triangulation principle, is our most compact width measuring system. 

Applications for our camera systems

There are a multitude of application areas and different measurement tasks for optical systems with cameras and lasers. Find a small selection of the possibilities here.

Position measurement

We have various sensors available to determine the position of the strip edge or center, which are usually integrated into our strip guiding systems.

Width measurement on the belt

The strip width measurement systems also offer other functions, e.g. contour measurement or detection and classification of edge cracks and holes.

Inspection systems

Mujiken refers to our range of surface inspection systems for flat products, both in piece and strip/web form.