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The stereoscopic camera sensor – NIGduo

Two pairs of eyes see more than one!

Full use, whether for edge or strip position measurement, detection of holes and edge cracks

You have little space in the line and constantly changing strip positions and still want to determine the strip position with the highest precision? Then our stereoscopic camera sensor NIGduo is just right for you. It can be used flexibly both as an edge position sensor and as a strip position sensor.

In the NIGduo-Top system, the light source is located above the strip, so that the influence of dripping liquids and contaminants (dust, dirt, oil, grease, etc.) is greatly reduced.

NIGduo-Back systems are used where space is at a premium and the highest precision is required. Here, the light source is located below the strip.

The stereoscopic measuring principle minimises influences on the measuring accuracy caused by tilted positions or vertical strip movements. In applications such at pay-off reels, height fluctuations of 200mm or more occur in the viewing range of the cameras – on the one hand due to changes in the coil diameter, on the other hand due to the uncoiling of the strip from above and below. As a “waste product” we provide you with the information “position” as well as the information “strip width”.

Your advantages:

  • Low space requirement
  • Both the sensor housing and the light source are located above the strip
  • Detection of edge cracks and holes optionally possible
  • No moving parts – no wearing parts
  • Easiest calibration using the 4-3-2-1-0 method
  • Precise, fast measurement. We measure with pinpoint accuracy!
    Accuracies from +/- 0.1mm

Two CMOS area scan cameras, NIGeye, which are aligned at a defined angle to each other, are located in a stainless steel housing. A controller board is also integrated. The sensor is designed to operate without any additional external electronics. For edge position measurements, one sensor head is used, for strip position measurements two sensor heads, one of which serves as master.


In addition, an LED incident light is required above the strip, the light is projected onto the strip in the entire field of view of the cameras.  


The LED light source is located below the strip.  

4-3-2-1-0 Method

4 calibration steps
3 minutes of time required
2 cameras calibrated at the same time
1 time confirmation
0,1 mm measurement uncertainty

Technical data NIGduo

Dimensions (per housing) 620 mm × 380 mm × 170 mm (W × H × D)
Weight (per housing) 20 kg
Protection class IP 65
Measurement uncertainty
Edge position measurement, 2σ
Strip center pos. measurement 2σ
on request
on request
Max. vertical strip fluctuation
Up to ±200 mm (usually ±100 mm)
Power supply
24V DC (±10 %)