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Our new camera – NIGeye

See sharper than a lynx.

Compact, high-resolution, fast, economical – these are just some of the impressive attributes of our new NIGeye-3800 area scan camera for our optical sensors. For this reason, we will equip all camera-based sensors for strip guiding and width measuring systems with it in the future.

Your advantages:

  • Improved quality assurance – through high measuring rates
  • Increased production – through highest precision and reliability
  • Fewer spare parts – one camera type for different applications
  • Low investment costs – due to long delivery availability


Our sensors and applications with NIGeye

We offer a wide range of sensors for the detection of the strip edge or strip center position or the determination of strip contours, strip widths, edge cracks or holes. Here are some system examples and measuring tasks.


The use of the stereoscopic measuring principle has been state of the art for a very long time. We also rely on this technology for our NIGduo width and position measuring system. High accuracies are achieved with this method. Learn more about the 4-3-2-1-0 method.

NIGLAS – Camera System with Laser

The NIGlas measuring system, which operates according to the triangulation principle, is our most compact width measuring system.

Position measurement

We have various sensors available to determine the position of the strip edge or center, which are usually integrated into our strip guiding systems.

Width measurement on the belt

The strip width measurement systems also offer other functions, e.g. contour measurement or detection and classification of edge cracks and holes.

Technical data

Size (L × W × H) 42 mm × 29 mm × 29 mm
Weight 90 g
Resolution 10 MP (3840 x 2748 pixels)
Sensor type CMOS
Pixel resolution
12 bit
Power consumption
3,3 W
Synchronisation Hardware trigger (IN/OUT)
Interface GigE
Lens mount C-Mount