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Keeping a distance

Our AWL series sensors are inconspicuous and therefore prefer to stay out of everything. That’s why they tend to keep their distance. The measuring method is predestined to realise distances of up to 3000 mm between transmitter and receiver.

With the robust measuring heads, there is no reason to stay away. External disturbance variables, such as extraneous light, do not influence the measurement result. If dirt could be a disturbing factor, blow-off devices in front of the transmitter and receiver ensure a clear view at all times.

Wear parts as well as moving parts are not found in this system. Consequently, maintenance work is reduced to a minimum. The two transmitter and receiver units, which are fixed mounted in the edge area of the belt, can be attached and connected in no time due to their low weight and manageable size.

The sensor is used in our strip center control systems, but can also be operated independently as a measuring system.

Measuring system AWL

Two LED elements (transmitter) and two elements with silicon photodiodes (receiver) cover a strip width range of, for example, 350 mm to 2100 mm. Even without moving the individual modules, the strip edges can be reliably detected and the position determined.

Other strip widths can be easily realised with our four standardised module lengths. The effective detection range per receiver element is between 450 mm and 900 mm, depending on the version.

Our LEDs operate in the near-infrared range. The silicon photodiodes are arranged in the receiver at a distance of 0.2 mm from each other. Neither extraneous light nor horizontal or vertical pass line fluctuations influence this measurement! We ensure this by, among other things, synchronising the transmitter and receiver signals with each other.

A complete strip center control system is available when combining the AWL sensor with our MGC1000, SGA3100 or NIGcon control units and hydraulic or electromechanical actuators.

Technical data AWL

Strip width 350 – 2100 mm, four standardised sensor lengths
Distance transmitter to receiver up to 3000 mm
Maximum ambient temperature 50 °C (without cooling)
Power supply
90–120 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Weight 22 to 37 kg (depending on version)