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Our camera sensor with laser – NIGlas

This brings your production into line, because we can even handle big changes.


You think that due to your low strip tension and occurring strip contours no measuring system can exactly determine the strip position or strip width? Consequently, you are not yet familiar with our camera/laser system NIGlas.

Just like our other sensors, NIGlas is also used as edge position or strip position measurement (centre position measurement) and integrated into our strip guiding systems. Depending on the design of the system, the strip width of the measured object is also precisely determined.


Few components – but highest benefits

The camera and laser are housed in a single enclosure and are usually mounted above the material to be measured. Furthermore, there are no other system components below the strip. The measurement or the measuring head is therefore protected from dripping or stagnant liquids or falling dirt. Consequently, these disturbances do not affect the measurement result.

On the one hand, the laser projects a narrow line onto the strip surface, on the other hand, the camera detects displacements of the line in its field of view, so that a calculation of the height changes (triangulation principle) is possible. In this respect, the following influences on the measurement are compensated for:

  • Side shifts
  • Height changes
  • Tilted positions
  • Strip contours

The laser with laser class 2 is also only operated with the power necessary for the measurement. Consequently, the availability of the laser increases. Both the distance of the measuring head to the strip and the number of measuring heads used can be adapted to the task. This is done depending on the accuracy to be achieved as well as the space available or the installation conditions.

Incidentally, the measurement is operated without an external PC. All data are processed on an FPGA board which is integrated in the measuring head. Measurement data, as well as status information, are made available via an Ethernet interface.

Your advantages when using NIGlas:

  • Low space requirement
  • All components are also located above the belt
  • Compensation of strip positions and contours
  • Simple calibration according to the 4-3-2-1-0 method
  • Precise, fast measurement

A stainless steel housing contains not only our CMOS area scan camera NIGeye, but also a line laser, which are aligned at a defined angle to each other. The sensor is designed to work without further external electronics.

Technical data NIGlas

Dimensions (per housing) 620 mm × 380 mm × 170 mm (W × H × D)
Weight (per housing) 20 kg
Protection class IP 65
Laser class 2
Measurement uncertainty
Edge position measurement, 2σ
Strip center position measurement, 2σ
on request
on request
Max. vertical strip position Up to ±200 mm
Power supply 24V DC (±10 %)