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Install and forget

A utopian idea for measuring systems in pickling lines?

Not only do we claim it, but we can also prove it, that position measurements of metallic materials can be carried out trouble-free and maintenance-free even under the most adverse environmental conditions.

Our NS electromagnetic induction guidance system is predestined to be used where others despair due to dirt, vapours, oil mist and corrosive gases – in other words, under conditions where optical systems with light and laser sources find their limits.

In addition, the robust design of the sensors, the compact construction and the simple installation guarantee that an installation location for the NS sensors can be found everywhere, even in limited spaces, as is often the case in pickling lines.

The measuring method also allows vertical passline changes of the material to be measured of up to +/- 100 mm without falsifying the measuring result. You will look in vain for wear parts as well as moving parts in this system – there are none. Consequently, maintenance work is reduced to a minimum. Special cables are laid between the NPA-100 electronics and the sensors, but their maximum cable length is limited to 25 metres.

Technical data NS-CPC


Strip width 500 – 2200 mm, four standardised sensor lengths
Distance transmitter to receiver 400 mm
Vertical passline fluctuations up to  +/- 100 mm permissible
Measurement uncertainty +/- 5mm
Maximum ambient temperature 60 °C (sensors)
40 °C (electronics NPA-100, without cooling)
Power supply 85–260 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA