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Our patented radar measuring technology

We also have dicey things on our radar.

We are experienced in the high temperature range. More than 150 radar systems installed worldwide.

The measurement of strip positions in continuous furnaces using radar measuring technology at ambient temperatures of several hundred degrees is our daily business. Our several hundred references worldwide in the steel industry speak for this.

Why do customers buy from us when others also offer measuring systems for these applications?

The answer could be that our system convinces with its robustness and, compared to other providers, manages completely without any cooling at all. We also supply more than just a measuring system.


During the development of our system, strict attention was paid to ensuring that time-consuming and cost-intensive maintenance work on the measurement technology or cooling systems does not occur in the first place. So you can turn your attention to more important tasks.

Radar furnace application

Our measuring system does not use in general any electronic components at or inside the oven, i.e. the room with the highest temperatures in this application.

The signals are transmitted to electronics, developed by us, by means of special high-temperature coaxial cables laid outside the oven. So, our coaxial cables can be operated without interference at ambient temperatures of up to 200 °C.

The electronics of the Nireco radar measurement technology can be positioned 30 metre away from the antennas. Even under these ambient conditions, the signals are not disturbed during transmission via the coaxial cables.

The measurement system can be checked and calibrated from outside the furnace. There is no work inside the furnace!

In our complete system, the measurement technology is supplemented by a position control system including the corresponding actuators. The complete Nireco package ensures that the strip guidance in the furnace meets your requirements and specifications. We do not want to burn our fingers with you! 

Technical data of our radar measuring system NIGrad

Radar frequency 10 GHz
Measuring distance 40 – 1,200 mm
Measurement uncertainty from ≤ 1.0 mm
Measuring signal resolution 0.2 mm
Minimum strip thickness 0.2 mm
Maximum cable distance from antenna to amplifier 30 m
Interface to amplifier DeviceNet
Ambient temperature of amplifier 0 – 70 °C