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Our products are used in the most diverse branches of industry. However, they always have one thing in common: they increase your product quality. Your advantage: lower production costs, less waste.

Systems for the metal industry

In the metal industry (steel and non-ferrous metals) our products have to prove themselves under the toughest conditions in use, from the hot liquid phase to the final processing in cold condition. The tasks include the non-contact measurement of levels (mold levels) in molds of Continuous Casting Lines or the control of strip positions in cold rolling mills and process lines. Our marking systems mark slabs, plates, hot and cold coils precisely and consistently, even on the most difficult surfaces.

Systems for the web processing industry

In the web processing industry, our products increase throughput and ensure stable production processes for all materials that are processed in webs, such as paper, plastics or textiles, for example carpets. This is where both our highly accurate web guiding systems and our highly reliable web tension measurement and control systems are used.

Automatic register controls, highly flexible cut-off control systems and inspection systems for printing increase quality and significantly reduce waste.


Inspection systems

In our inspection systems, sophisticated algorithms detect and classify even the smallest defects and irregularities on thin films such as metal, paper and plastic. Here, the production of batteries is particularly worth mentioning. Other inspection systems allow online inspection of the bags in bag packaging systems for scratches and stains or discoloration.