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Systems for the metal industry

In the metal industry (steel and non-ferrous metals) our products have to prove themselves under the toughest operating conditions, from the hot liquid phase to a finished coil.

The tasks include the non-contact measurement of molten steel surface in molds of Continuous Casting Lines or the control of strip positions in cold rolling mills and strip processing lines. Our marking systems mark slabs, plates, hot and cold coils precisely and consistently, even on the most difficult surfaces.

We use a wide range of technologies such as high-resolution CMOS cameras, lasers, capacitive and inductive sensors as well as radar and near-infrared sensors.

We are particularly proud of our pioneering role in radar-based strip edge position measuring systems and eddy-current mold level measurements.



State-of-the-art computer technologies ensure the fastest results in real time, while largely dispensing with PC hardware eliminates the risk of computer viruses and increases the long-term availability of components.

Positioning devices with hydraulic actuators or with electro-mechanical cylinders using servo drives for a wide range of applications round off our systems for strip guiding systems.

Whether you are looking for marking systems for billets, slabs, tubes, sheet pilings or coils, we will be happy to advise you whether our  dot marker, jet marker or laser marker with class 4 lasers meet your requirements.

Our dot marker are also available as mobile systems

Further information about our systems for the metal industry

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