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To measure bandwidths, we offer bandwidth measurement systems with different methods depending on your accuracy requirements and the conditions on site.

The simplicity of our measuring devices

Our measuring systems impress by their simplicity. In contrast to most conventional systems, our measuring systems do not require any PC technology at all. The calculation of width and/or contour values is done on an FPGA chip integrated in the measuring heads, the results and status information are made available to you via Ethernet. You perform parameterization and calibration via the web browser of your laptop. You do not need any operating software and the measuring system does not require a virus scanner.

However, if you require special evaluations and/or a visualization station, we will be happy to supply these.

From our many years of practical experience as commissioning and development engineers, we know what both your production team and your maintenance team need.

The systems are already calibrated before delivery. Nevertheless, we attach great importance to quick and easy calibration or, in terms of quality assurance, quick calibration verification. The scope of delivery includes a lightweight calibration unit, which can be attached to the measuring heads by one person alone.

Application areas of the width measurement

Areas of application include all areas of process lines, such as galvanizing lines, tinning lines, continuous furnaces, but also shearing lines, rewinding lines, etc. However, it can also be used on coiling and decoiling lines in rolling mills.

Our width measurement systems at a glance


The use of the stereoscopic measurement principle for measuring the bandwidth has been state of the art in optical camera systems for a very long time. We also rely on this technology for our NIGDuo bandwidth measurement system due to the high accuracies that can be achieved.

NIGLAS – Camera Systems with Laser

The NIGLas measuring system, which operates according to the triangulation principle, is our most compact width measuring system.